Snooker Table Lights

Once you’ve decided on which size snooker table is best suit to your resources, the next decision you’ll need to make is regards lighting.  Normal room lighting just isn’t strength enough to allow a decent level of play, but I acknowledge that this is what people with semi-permanent or portable tables will have to make do with.

Those with a permanent table and particularly those with a full size snooker table will want to invest in some lighting to ensure the entire cloth is well lit.  Lighting room above is ideal for a snooker table as it prevents shadows from forming around the balls and lets players see playing angles quicker and easier.

There are two popular types of snooker table lights, the classic snooker canopy or the modern conical lights that tend to be metal. The classic snooker canopy is popular with traditionalists who argue it gives a rounder light, whilst the conical lights are viewed by some to provide a more fuller light that makes for better playing conditions. Which ever table light style you decide on, there are plenty of different variations available to suit the room or hall the snooker table is situated.

The cost of snooker table lights should not be over looked, with even basic models costs $700. More advanced versions with up to 10 different bulbs can cost in the region of $5,000. The amount you choose to spend will largely be defined by the size of your table (lights for smaller tables cost less) and by the standard of your table, as well as the standard of your play. If you’ve spent $15,000 on a high quality table it would be foolish to skimp on the lighting as it really will have an effect on your enjoyment of the game.

If your viewing a table through a ‘Snooker Table for Sale’ advert, sometime the vendor will through the snooker table light for free so it’s worth asking!

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