Second Hand Snooker Table

Second hand snooker tables provide excellent value as most owners keep their snooker table in great condition and normally want to get rid of their table because they have lost interest in the sport or are downsizing their homes and can not fit a snooker table into their new home (this is particularly true of full size snooker tables)

There are however a number of important things to consider when purchasing a second hand snooker table, and these are list below:

Condition – This is obviously one of the most important factors considering the amount of money that even second hand tables costs. Make sure you have a couple of shots on the  table to ensure the slate isn’t cracked or damaged, and closely inspect the snooker table cloth for any rips or marks.

Add extras – If someone is selling their snooker table, chances are they will selling a lot of the paraphernalia that goes with them such as cues, score board, chalk etc. One of the most expensive items to look out for are snooker table lights
as they are expensive to buy brand new.

Does it fit? – There are such a variety of snooker table sizes available so it’s important you measure your home  careful as well as double checking the snooker table measurements when you view the table. Don’t just take the sellers word for it, take a measuring tape so you know for sure.

Private/trade – There are two ways of purchasing second hand snooker tables, one is by keeping a look out for ‘Snooker Table For Sale‘ signs, and the other is to go to a snooker table shop as these often have a small selection of second hand tables available.  Snooker shops may offer some sort of guarantee although be prepared to pay slightly more for this privilege.

Buying a second snooker table makes a lot of sense from a financial point of view but this doesn’t mean you should rush into it and make a rash decision. Make sure you see a number of different tables and have a look at looks of advertisements to ensure your getting a good deal.

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