Full Size Snooker Table

Full size snooker tables are used by professional snooker players whose competitions are often on television. On TV, these tables don’t actually look that big and many people are surprised to hear that a full size snooker table actually measures 12ft by 6ft and has a surface area that is over 65% bigger than the average pool table.

Due to their size, full size snooker tables are generally not that well suited to the average family home. It’s estimated that you need a space of around 19 ft by 15 ft to ensure there is enough cueing space around the parameter of the table. Those who have played on a cramped table will know there is little that his more annoying than having your cuing action restricted.

The sheer weight of a full size snooker table makes it very difficult to transport,  so if you are considering purchasing one I would spend the money on getting it installed by professionals (worth bearing in mind if your purchasing a second hand snooker table). The vast majority of full size tables have a slate bed which is where a lot of the weight comes from. The slate is covered in a light green cloth that enables the ball to run smoothly. The slate combined with solid timber legs can mean that some tables weigh around 600kg!

Full Size Snooker Table

Full Size Snooker Table

Cost is also a prohibitive factor for many people. Even entry level tables can cost $5,000 although depending on the type of slate and timber used this go up to $30,000. This is before you include extras such as cues, balls, chalks and snooker table lights.

It possible to pick up a second hand table for a lot less than this (see our ‘Snooker Tables for Sale‘ page) but be sure to make sure the slate is still in good condition and that the cushions are still firm and bouncy otherwise you may end up spending even more money on refurbishments.

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