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Welcome to Snooker Table Size – The home of all the snooker table information you will ever need (hopefully). It can be difficult to understand all the lingo involved with snooker tables so where ever possible we’ll try to use language that everyone understands.

Snooker tables have been around since 1727 and are popular in virtually every country of the world, although different variants are popular in different parts of the world. In America for instance, pool is far more popular than snooker, but in Asia Billiards is the most popular variant of the game.

Different Snooker Table Size Options

As I’m sure you aware there are many different table sizes available, but we’ve listed the most common below, from largest to smallest:

The most popular snooker table size for home use is probably the 9ft x 4ft 6″ as this can comfortably fit in most people’s homes (remember you need space around the edge to cue – see graph). My advice to anyone thinking of buying a snooker table would be get as big as table as the room will allow. You will never regret getting a table that is too large, but you may regret getting one that is too small.

Snooker Table Size Guidlines

Snooker Table Size Guidlines

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